Hack Your Consciousness: Can a Chart Really Help You Grow?

Holy Shift, You Guys!

This morning, I was all set to write a super informative blog post about this nifty little thing called the Human Consciousness Map. Think of it as a roadmap to your inner world, with scenic overlooks at Shame and Guilt Valley, and a final destination of pure freaking Enlightenment. But then, the Universe, that sneaky little trickster, decided to throw a monkey wrench into my plans in the form of a major breakthrough.

So ditch the textbooks, babes, because we're about to get real.

I'm gonna tell you all about my own personal adventure with this map, and how I went from feeling like I was stuck in emotional quicksand (think Shame Swamp on the map), to, well, not exactly scaling Mount Everest, but definitely making a badass climb up a steep hill.

Let's Break This Down: The Levels of Consciousness Map

Before I dive into my epic tale, let's take a quick peek at this map. It shows different levels of consciousness, ranked by a scale of 1 to 1000. The higher the number, the lighter you’re vibrating, radiating good vibes out into the world like a disco ball. Low numbers? Think heavy, drag-you-down energy.

The map also breaks things down into dimensions. The lower dimensions (think first, second, and third) are where most of the struggle happens. Shame, anger, fear – that’s all down there in the emotional basement. Ugh. But hey, newsflash: we all spend time down there sometimes.

Here is the original diagram I first saw for myself a few months ago:

I want you to have an unfiltered experience with it for yourself before I dive into my own experience with it. Where do you think your consciousness currently is?

human consciousness chart

Okay, so if you'd asked me that same question a few months back, I would have confidently given you the wrong answer. But hey, that's the thing with self-discovery, right? It's a journey, not a destination, and sometimes you realize you've been reading the map upside down.

When I first stumbled upon this chart it kinda felt like a test. How far have I come in my spiritual journey? Have I transcended all negativity for good? Am I even doing this “spirituality” thing right? Naturally, my ego stepped in and said “hell yeah!!”

So, with all the enthusiasm of a puppy with a new chew toy, I texted it to my brother, who's kind of become my go-to person for all things spiritual (poor guy.) I was like, 'This is totally me! I've climbed out of that negativity pit and into inner wisdom land! I've transcended past the 4th Dimension!' Now, looking back, it's pretty funny. Hindsight can be a real eye-opener, huh?

The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways: How I Leveled Up My Consciousness

Alright, enough chit-chat, let's get to the good stuff! So here I was, creating these diagrams about the map, feeling all superior and smug like I was way up on, like, the Acceptance level (that’s a pretty decent spot at 350). But then, as I dabbled deeper, a weird restlessness hit me. It turns out, I wasn't resonating with the higher frequencies on the map as much as I thought I was.

Universe whispers: Hey girl, you ain't as high-vibin' as you think.

Me: sheepishly glances at the Guilt level on the map Oh.

That little nudge from the Universe (or maybe it was just my intuition finally waking up?) lit a fire under my butt. I cranked up some positive affirmations (thanks to the "Your Manifesting Bestie Podcast" – shoutout to Flora, you rock!), and felt a surge of my own inner power. It was like, "Heck yeah, I got this!"

And you know what that surge of power made me do? Dive headfirst into my biggest fear: vulnerability online. Social media used to be my jam, but after some rough experiences, I retreated into my shell. Big mistake. Because as everyone knows, the only way to heal is to face your fears head-on.

Facing My Fears and Feeling the Feels

So I ripped the band aid off and spilled my guts all over the internet. Shared a super vulnerable story. Then another one, complete with tears (because hey, sometimes you gotta let it all out!). And guess what? It felt AMAZING.

Sure, there were some not-so-fun emotions along the way (hello, negative self-talk about my appearance!), but I pushed through that garbage and embraced myself with radical love. Because if I can't love myself, how can I expect anyone else to?

The Big Shift: Leveling Up My Consciousness

After that emotional rollercoaster, I circled back to the Human Consciousness Map. And that's when it hit me – I wasn't just crying tears of relief, I was freaking transcending the whole shame and fear thing! I'd shifted my consciousness out of the 3rd dimension and right on up into the 4th Dimension, landing smack dab in the Willingness zone (around 310 on the map).

Can we talk about a boss move? I mean, sure, I might not be radiating pure enlightened energy yet (baby steps, people!), but I am definitely on the right path. And the coolest part? I realized I'd been stuck for so long because I just wouldn't face my fear. It's like that pesky weed in your garden – gotta yank that sucker out by the roots if you want to see anything beautiful grow in its place.

This whole experience was a major wake-up call. The Human Consciousness Map isn't just some static picture; it's a freaking roadmap to action! It shows you where you are and helps you chart a course to where you want to be.

So, what are you waiting for, babe? Grab your metaphorical shovel, yank out those emotional weeds, and start climbing your own personal mountain of consciousness. You got this!

P.S. Want to delve deeper into the Human Consciousness Map? Our next blog unpacks it all! Remember, this is your unique journey. Explore and discover what resonates most with you. ✨ Have you experienced a growth moment like mine? Share it in the comments! Let's support each other on this path to self-discovery!





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